What Is A Bridechilla And Are You One?

You all are familiar with the term “Bride-Zill-A”, but have you ever hear of a “Bride-Chill-A”? Maybe you have but just aren’t really sure what it means. Well, think of a “’Chilla” as the complete opposite of a “’Zilla”.

A “’Zilla” is everything you would imagine. A mean, overly stressed, micromanaging, yelling and screaming mess. She is very concerned with the day defining who she is. The sad part is that many times, “’Zilla’s” are a product of the situation brides are put in. They expect perfection, and why not? It’s their wedding day. However, the constant need for perfection is unrealistic and can really lead to a ton of increased stress. With increased stress, comes increased tension, and with increased tension comes snippy, on edge attitudes.

A “’Chilla”, on the other hand is really laid back. I mean REALLY laid back. So laid back that she really hasn’t done much in the way of planning any details because they are relying on their wedding vendors to take care of most everything. They know and trust that everything will work out.

Just like “’Zilla’s”, “’Chilla’s” sometimes are created because of many outside factors. Perhaps the bride works long hours and is just not into planning. Perhaps she doesn’t necessarily want to hire a planner, nor does she really worry about too many details because she sometimes sees the bigger picture and is just not focused on one day. Maybe she’s been in a long-term relationship and considers herself “married” already, so a wedding may just be a “formality”. Whatever the case, they are go-with-the-flow.

However, the downside to being a “Bride-Chill-A” is that being too laid back can be just as bad as being too micromanaging. Being too laid back actually creates more stress. Not necessarily for the bride, but for those around her. The bridal party, friends, family and vendors all need some sort of direction. They are there to help you, but unless they know what you want, they can’t do much.

Ideally, you want to be somewhere right in the middle…not too micromanaging and not too laid back. To find out what kind of bride you are, take this fun little quiz and let us know what answer you got!

Featured Photo Credit: The Ramsdens

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  • No surprize I got Chilla!

    I “eloped” to a regular service at our church and we only told our parents.

    October 20, 2017 at 2:56 pm

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