Cassady K Photography United States Military Academy West Point Wedding

United States Military Academy Wedding at West Point

What happens when you combine the regal patriotism of West Point, the majesty of the Hudson River, and beautiful pastels? Debbie and Hanson’s wedding, of course! Here’s their story along with a stunning photo gallery with photos by Cassady K Photography in Pleasantville, NY

How did you and Hanson meet?


“Hanson and I met in North Carolina while I was a resident and he was stationed at Fort Bragg.”

Describe your overall theme or style of your wedding?


“We were going for a classic and romantic style, so we used gold, soft pinks, and cream colored accents.”

How did you choose West Point?


“We chose West Point for its beautiful campus and Cadet Chapel, and because of the wonderful views of the Hudson River.”

Describe your wedding fashion. What look were you and Hanson going for?


“Hanson wore his dress uniform. I was looking for a classic dress that would be suitable for a chapel wedding service. One of my good friends lent me her veil, which completed the look with the long train of my dress.”

Do you have any wedding advice for our readers?


“For the wedding, no matter how stressful the planning process is, the day of is the most important and most memorable! Take time to sit back and enjoy your wedding day.”



CEREMONY | Cadet Chapel at West Point

RECEPTION | West Point Club

THE DRESS | Maggie Sottero from Irini’s Originals

BRIDAL SHOES | Badgley Mischka

BRIDAL ACCESSORIES | Givenchy & Cartier


GROOMSMEN ATTIRE | Army Class A Uniforms & Macy’s


FLORIST | Secret Garden Florist

RECEPTION CENTERPIECES | Bride’s Mother – Helene Yen


FAVORS | DIY and Etsy

CAKEWest Point Club

PHOTOGRAPHER | Cassady K Photography

BAND | These Guys

2ND PHOTOGRAPHER | Rosemary Green Photography

Photo Credit to All: Cassady K. Photography



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Featured Couple: Kristen and Rich

Their Love Story…


“It was June 2008 and the recent Council Rock High School graduates headed to Ocean City, NJ for one final celebration with their friends before college,” says Kristen. “While soaking up the Summer sun and enjoying some rest and relaxation, I met Rich unexpectedly for the first time on the boardwalk. Rich says he was captivated by my smile, and after introducing himself, he hoped that the infatuation would soon become mutual. He challenged me to a round of mini-golf — if he won, he would get to take me out on a date. He lost that wager, but I still wanted to go on that date all along. The rest of the week consisted of sunbathing, beachside fireworks, and dinners, all together. From then on, we were inseparable.”

Photo Credit: J. Ferrara Photography

Their Proposal…


Kristen says Rich proposed in Kristen’s childhood home in October of 2016 with a special “purr-fect” surprise.  “I heard a soft “meow” behind a closet door. I opened the door to find a kitten, and around the kitten’s neck was an engraved bracelet that read, “Will you marry my Daddy?” As she read the bracelet out loud, Rich got down on one knee

Why the Hudson Valley…?


“When choosing a location for our wedding, we knew we wanted the ceremony to be outside and the reception to all occur at one venue,” says Kristen. “We both have family in the Philadelphia area but now currently live in Connecticut where we have established relationships with friends and co-workers. We began looking in the Hudson Valley area as it would be a perfect “in-between” location for all parties. We fell in love with the view at The Garrison and just pictured tying the knot overlooking the beautiful scenery.”

Wedding Theme…


Because Kristen and Rich met in the summer, that was the inspiration for their special day. “We met nine years ago in Ocean City, NJ during the month of June, and throughout those years we have created some of our greatest memories under the summer sun,” Kristen says. “Our floral bouquets and table arrangements all included bright colors with specific flowers, like Snapdragons, that reminded us of our childhood. Rich’s Grandmother made our wedding day truly memorable by officiating our ceremony. Together, we wrote every word in our wedding vows and ceremony, adding to the uniqueness of the day’s events.”

Most Memorable Moment…


Photo Credit: J. Ferrara Photography

“One of the most memorable moments during our wedding was our introduction as husband and wife and our first dance,” says Kristen. “We adored every minute of this celebration, hand-in-hand as we sang to a song we’ve loved for years. Our first dance song, “One and Only” by Adele, was further incorporated into our wedding cake by including the lyrics into the icing on the middle tier.” Another memorable moment for the Kristen was when her dad saw her for the first time in her dress.  “My dad is my number one fan and I am his little girl. It meant the world to me to see his reaction and have him by my side as I married the man of my dreams,” says Kristen.

Advice For Engaged Couples…


“Plan time during your wedding day when it can be just the two of you,” says Kristen. “We were able to sneak away to the Bridal Suite in between our cocktail hour and wedding reception to sample each of the hors-d’oeuvres that were served to our guests. This not only gave us the opportunity to indulge in the food, which many brides and grooms forget to do, but the private time also allowed us to truly appreciate all of the planning that culminated into this momentous occasion. This was by far the most memorable and special time of the night!”



Venue: The Garrison

Photographer: J. Ferrara Photography

Videography: Taylor Del Villar at J. Ferrara Photography

Florist: Dramatic Innovation Floral and Event Design

Hair and Makeup: JKFlashy

Music and Entertainment: A Perfect Blend Entertainment

Photo Credit To All: J. Ferrara Photography


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Featured Couple: Chen and Ethan

Their Love Story…


“Ethan and I met through mutual friends,” says Chen Rosenberg. “My roommate of four years all through medical school was dating (and is now married to) one of Ethan’s close friends from college. We hit it off celebrating Match Day, which is a day, a few months prior to graduation from medical school, when medical students find out where they match for residency training.”


The Proposal…


Chen had a super romantic Eurpoean proposal. “Ethan and I were dating for two years when we took a trip to Paris,” she says. “We had left at night from New York and got into Paris early. I think he planned to propose later that night at dinner (he had booked a dinner cruise), but he said the ring was burning a hole in his pocket, so he proposed while we were taking a stroll along the Seine.”


Why the Hudson Valley…?


Hudson Valley Wedding Red Maple Vineyard Sarah Tew Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Tew Photography

It was love at first sight for both Chen and Ethan. Chen says “Both of us were living in New York City at the time, and for one Valentine’s Day, we had spent a weekend away at a bed and breakfast in the Hudson Valley and fell in love with the area. We wanted to get married in New York in a natural and beautiful setting that wasn’t too hard for our family and friends to get to. We entertained the idea of looking at venues in New York City, but they were quite expensive and not exactly what we envisioned. The Hudson Valley area was the only place we wanted to look.”


Wedding Theme…


While Chen and Ethan’s wedding didn’t have a ‘formal’ theme, Chen says “…I think as wedding planning got underway, we ended up having a wedding that was natural, intimate, relaxed, and fun.”


Advice for Engaged Couples…


Hudson Valley Wedding Red Maple Vineyard Sarah Tew Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Tew Photography

“Plan the day as a celebration of the two of you,” says Chen. “Don’t feel like you have to follow a specific set of traditions. Set your own traditions. When the married couple is at ease and having fun, the entire wedding atmosphere will reflect that. For example, I don’t like cake and thus, for dessert, we served several varieties of pie.” (You can find ways to make your day special and unique here)


Chen also received some really great advice. “…during the cocktail hour and the reception, don’t leave each other’s side. Greet and thank all your guests together so you can spend more time together.”


Most Memorable Moment…


Chen says her most memorable moment was “Our first dance as husband and wife.”




Venue:  Red Maple Vineyard

Wedding Day-of Coordinator:  Michelle Marmo (with Red Maple Vineyard)

Hair:  StylesOnB

Makeup: Makeup and Hair by Celia Aurora

Music: Bud Maltin Metropolitan Music

Officiant:  Jeddah Vailakis

Floral Design:  Floresta

Catering & PIE:  Red Maple Vineyard

Transportation:  Mahogany Ridge Transportation


Photo Credit to All: Sarah Tew Photography

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Hudson Valley wedding at The Grandview Poughkeepsie photo by J. Ferrara Photography

Featured Couple: Julia & Steven

Their Love Story…


“We met at a bar in Brooklyn,” says Julia. “We were both out with friends, and both asked our friends to facilitate us meeting each other. A few weeks later, Steven moved to San Francisco, and a few months after that, I followed. We lived in the Bay area for three years, but knew we wanted to end up back in the same Brooklyn neighborhood we met in, Fort Greene. We now live a few blocks from that bar, over 10 years later!”

The Proposal…


Hudson Valley wedding at The Grandview Poughkeepsie photo by J. Ferrara Photography

Photo Credit: J. Ferrara Photography

It was quite the romantic setting, a picnic in the park. Prospect Park in Brooklyn to be exact. Julia says they were “…Laying down looking up at the trees and the sky holding hands. It was a beautiful spring day, very private, casual and a total surprise.” Steven even used Julia’s great grandmother’s ring!

Why the Hudson Valley…?


“Steven has a big family, most of whom live in the Hudson Valley,” says Julia. “So it made sense to do it somewhere near a lot of people, but also accessible from NYC where most of our friends are. The fact that the area is absolutely gorgeous doesn’t hurt, either.”

Wedding Theme…


“We didn’t have a theme,” says Julia. “We both love parties and bringing people together, and didn’t worry about that stuff (themes). We put pieces together that we liked – music, decorations, clothes, etc. – and just figured that out organically.”

Most Memorable Moment…


Hudson Valley wedding at The Grandview Poughkeepsie photo by J. Ferrara Photography

Photo Credit: J. Ferrara Photography

Julia says, “We were incredibly lucky to get the most amazing fireworks show right on the Hudson outside the venue! We were all dancing and having fun, when we were ushered outside. All of a sudden fireworks started going off, and everyone got to go outside and watch them right from our wedding space! It was truly magical, a moment to remember for sure.”

Hudson Valley Wedding Vendors


Venue: The Grandview (Poughkeepsie)

Photographer: J. Ferrara Photography (Cornwall)

Centerpieces: Keep Furniture (Steven’s woodworking business) Julia says “That was the most beautiful personal touch to us. Each one is a unique, steam-bent hardwood sculpture with flowers – handmade by the groom!”

Photo credit to all: J. Ferrara Photography



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Featured Engagement: Adam & Eve

Their Love Story…


Love finds us when we least expect it. “I just moved back from Florida in January in 2009 and was at a point in my life where I was comfortable with who I was as a person,” says Eveleese (Eve) Campos, from Liberty, NY.  “I didn’t anticipate meeting anyone and was more than happy being single and working on my education.” She had just recently enrolled in classes at Suffolk County Community College and Adam was listed on her schedule as her softball teacher. Eve was excited to see his name since she was friends with his sister, who had introduced them just a few months prior at a BBQ. That introduction made quite an impression.  “I even remember the outfits we were both wearing- me with short shorts, a GAP T-shirt, and brown converse and Adam was wearing a Parks & Rec shirt with jeans and work boots,” says Eve.

After that BBQ, Adam’s sister told Eve that Adam was asking about her, so Eve was really excited to see him on campus. Unfortunately, that never happened. The first day of class, Eve found out Adam had taken a full-time job somewhere else. But fate works in mysterious ways.

Bummed about Adam, and needing to kill some time before her next class, Eve headed towards the computer lab. Eve says, “I went to the computer lab and was surprised because he inboxed me on Facebook and started a conversation.  When I had to go to class we exchanged numbers and it was history ever since.”

The Proposal…


Fast forward to 2014. A lot has happened: New careers, new babies…new bling! Their proposal happened took place in the middle of a snow storm, the day before Thanksgiving and one day after they found out they were pregnant with their second child. Adam left the Police Academy (his new career) early that day because of the snow and told Eve not to shovel or do anything, that he would take care of it when he got home. “When he got home,” Eve says, “He did all the snow removal and came inside.  Still in his academy clothes he kept on calling our two and a half year old daughter into the kitchen. Finally when he got her to stay in there,  he called me in to the kitchen.  They were standing side by side and he pulled a box out of his pocket.  He said, ‘I know you have been waiting for this for a long time.’  He got down on one knee and the rest was a blur… I knew it was a beautiful speech and with tears, I accepted.  We both cried and hugged as a family, and of course, afterwards, my daughter wanted my ring for herself.”

What Are They Most Excited About?…


“The part of the wedding I am most excited about,” says Eve, “Is when we first see each other.  I think it’s going to be a beautiful experience and full of emotion.”

Advice For Engaged Couples…


“My advice to a new bride who is planning her wedding would be to  pace herself and elicit help from your closest friends.” Eve says,  “Try to get as much stuff done in a timely fashion so you aren’t overwhelmed at the end.”

Check back in a few months when we circle back with Adam and Eve to see gorgeous photos from their wedding this November at Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor and hear all about their special day 


Gallery Photo Credit: Jessica Grund Photography


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