What you need to look for in a quality bridal gown

Purchasing a wedding dress is unlike any dress purchase you will ever make. Besides the symbolic importance of the dress, it will, most likely, be the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever wear in your entire life. Because of that, you need to make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure that the gown you are buying is of top-notch quality.


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Unless you find a great sale or buy a sample dress off the rack, bridal gowns typically start, on average, around the $800-$1,000 mark and go up from there. Depending on the details, custom work and embellishments, gowns can cost as much as $10,000 or more! Believe it or not, I have actually seen wedding gowns as much as $40,000 made with poundage of crystals and gold thread.


However, on average, you can find absolutely amazing quality gowns under $3000. Designers know many brides are on a budget, and they want to make quality available for all brides, no matter your budget. Now, while you might think $1,000 is still quite high, think of this: When you go to a bridal salon, you are trying on a sample to see if you like the gown’s shape, silhouette, feel, etc. Once you choose the dress of your dreams, your bridal consultant takes your measurements. Why? Because your dress is made custom for you, exactly to your size and shape.


Bridal gowns are not mass-produced and unlike ready-to-wear clothes, you can’t go to a rack, find your size and check out. Because they are custom-made, you need to give the designers plenty of time to craft your gown and get it to your shop in time for your fittings. So, the money you are spending on that dress not only equals the quality of the materials and embellishments, but also the man hours it takes to make your gown. If you are spending that much money, you want the best. We asked local gown expert, and owner of Lady Gray Bridal in Beacon, Tina Pomarico, what you should be looking for in a quality gown. In this video, you’ll learn what to look for to make sure you are buying an exceptional gown



We also asked the design experts at New York International Bridal Week this past fall, who already shared with you what bridal gown trends you’ll see in 2017, what you should be looking for in a quality gown and they all agree on two things: fabric and fit.



Photo Credit: Majestic Studios


Martin Thornburg, head designer for David Tutera and Mon Cheri and head merchandiser for Mon Cheri Bridal, says, “Number one is to look for fabric. You want something constructed out of good fabric. It doesn’t have to be silk. There are very beautiful fabrics that are high-quality polyester or woven fabrics.” This is why trying on dresses is very important?


As mentioned in the video, take a look at the inside lining fabrics, as well as the types of embellishments, beading or appliques on the gown. That all builds value. And if the value is there, then you know that the amount you spend on a dress is well worth it.


Kang Chun “KC” Lin, creative director for Enzoani Bridal Division, says, “There is a lot of dedication and time spent during the production process to choose the best fabrics, create the lace patterns, and put all the pieces together by hand. There is much more than meets the eye with a quality gown.” In couture gowns, for example, the price goes up because, in almost all cases, beading is all done by hand.




The only way you will be able to tell if a gown fits you well, or is made properly, is by trying them on and not basing your choice on looks alone. Wen Wu, CEO of House of Wu, suggests doing a bit of research first on the different brands of gowns, because each brand brings with it different levels of quality. He says, “You need to go to the store and feel and touch the dress and to see the inside construction. It’s very, very crucial. You know, you can’t buy a dress on the look, from a picture on the Internet because construction is where it makes the dress fit you or not. A picture can be very deceiving.”


Charlotte Pratt, Marketing & PR Associate for Casablanca Bridal, says, “You can just tell, as you try on a gown, there is a huge difference in the support and infrastructure of some gowns as compared to others.” She says specific Items that help with support are boning (stays), corsets, and hook and eye closures.


You are going to be wearing your gown all day, for hours and hours, dancing in it, sitting in it, eating in it, etc. You need to make sure that you are not only comfortable, but that it fits you correctly and doesn’t pull, tug or shift during the day. “For us, the inner construction is very important,” Lin says, “because even though the gowns feel lightweight and comfortable and are very flattering on your figure, there is a lot of work going on inside to give it the right support and shape.”


As you can see, a bridal gown needs to not only be beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. So we’d like to know, what did you learn about gowns as you were trying them on? What kind of gown are you looking for or did you end up with? Have you tried on gowns and noticed a difference in the quality or construction from brand to brand?

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