Why You Will Never See All Your Wedding Photos

Today’s contributing author is Hannah Servidio from Hannah Nicole Photography


On your wedding day, your photographer will be capturing every magical moment, even moments you may not have even realized happened. You know they are probably taking hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of photos, so why then are you seeing much fewer photos when your proofs come back?


Hudson Valley wedding photography Culinary Institute of America Hannah Nicole Photography

Photo Credit: Hannah Nicole Photography

We spoke a few weeks ago about how many photos are usually taken and how many you get to choose for your album, but there are many reasons why you don’t see all the photos your photographer takes.




Before we get into that, Servidio wants you to know one thing. “Before you think that we are holding precious memories hostage please be aware we are not,” she says.


Second, you need to know that photographers will rarely if ever, give you back unedited photos. Servidio says “Sometimes a photo looks absolutely awful before we edit it and who wants to see that.”


In fact, she has a great analogy. “Let’s say you go to a really nice restaurant and order the chicken,” she says. It comes, it’s beautiful and it tastes great but then you ask the chef if he can just give you the raw chicken. Doesn’t make sense right? That’s exactly how photographers feel when you ask the see “the other” photos from your wedding/session, and truthfully you’re not missing much.”



While Servidio understands FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a real concern for some couples, she says this is what you are actually missing out in the photos you don’t get back, otherwise known as “throwaway photos”. “Blinking, unflattering poses, photo repeats and my personal favorite, sneezing. Not only that but truthfully, some photographers do mess up. It’s totally normal and it happens. Whether we miss focus, the lighting is bad, or it’s just really not an interesting photo, there’s plenty of reasons we never give you a photo.”


Hudson Valley wedding photography Culinary Institute of America Hannah Nicole Photography

Photo Credit: Hannah Nicole Photography

So if you’re wondering why you’re only getting back a few hundred of the many hundred photos you know were taken and freaking out over that, don’t.


Why? Servidio says, at the end of the day, you need to know your photographer is giving you photos that not only meet their expert approval, but will also meet your approval, and are of the highest and best standards. She says “We sit down at our computers and meticulously go through your photos. Every photo is looked at closely and edited to the styling you are accustomed to.” At the end of the day, she says “The job of a photographer is to give you all of the images that tell a cohesive story. Trust your photographer.”




That being said, she says “If you distinctly remember taking a particular photo it doesn’t hurt to ask about it.” There’s probably a good reason why your photographer didn’t include it in your proofs, but if it’s one you really want to see, it never hurts to ask. What you have to remember is that it might not have come out well, so be prepared and know that not all photos taken are going to be absolutely perfect!


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