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Your Free Checklist: What you need to pack for a stress-free wedding day

I’d like to give you a free checklist to make your wedding, and the days surrounding it less stressful.



In the excitement and rush leading up to your wedding day, it’s easy to forget or push back packing for your wedding, which leads to added stress and frustration.  With guests arriving, parties to attend, rehearsals to go to, and last-minute check-ins with all involved, packing can be the last thing on your mind. I know it was for me.


So, what do I mean by packing for your wedding? Three things, really.


Wedding Day Essentials


You are going to need a bag full of items for your wedding day. Even if you are getting ready at home, you are still going to need to bring essential items for the day. Think of it as your emergency kit. You will be away from home all day and the last thing you want is to have someone run home because you forgot something. And guess what, no one is going to want to run home and leave your wedding to do so and miss all the fun. What goes into this bag? Anything you can think of that you might need in an “emergency” AND any essentials you need for your wedding ceremony and reception such as:


·      Vows

·      Marriage License

·      Rings

·      Tips or final payments to vendors

·      Lipstick to reapply

·      Water

·      Safety pins


In addition to these items, you are also going to need to make sure someone knows how to bustle your dress because since your train is behind you, you will not be able to do it yourself. Make sure that whoever is doing the bustling practices it a few times so they are comfortable with doing it.


An Overnight Bag


If you are staying overnight (or over the weekend) at a hotel, you are going to need to pack a bag for that day or two. It’s hard to imagine the day after your wedding, when all the festivities are over. You need to remember that it’s a ‘normal day’ and you need to make sure you have your ‘normal day’ essentials. Examples of what you need for this bag are:


·      Pajamas or lingerie

·      Phone and charger

·      Keys

·      A get-home plan for you and your bridal party (remember, if you were driven to your hotel, you need a way to get home)

·      ‘normal day’ clothes and shoes

·      toiletries


Suitcase For Your Honeymoon


If you are leaving the day after your wedding, you need to make sure this is done and packed at least a week before your wedding. The week leading up to your wedding is going to be so crazy busy, the last thing you want to do is pack. Even if you have a day in-between, make sure this is done. Things you want to remember to pack are:


·      Plane tickets

·      Passports

·      House keys/car

·      Camera

·      Travel guides

·      Money / credit cards

·      ID


Please don’t make the same mistakes I did. Here’s my packing story…


It started the day before at the rehearsal. I forgot to bring our marriage license, which the priest insisted we bring. Not my best moment, that’s for sure. So, later that night I gave my husband the license to bring the next day, because, knowing me, I would have forgotten it again the day of the wedding too (that set the precedent now … he is in charge of everything important!). I also packed my overnight bag after our rehearsal dinner, making it a late night. My emergency kit was random items shoved into a bag on our wedding day while the limo was waiting to take my bridal party and I to the church.


I didn’t pack for my honeymoon until the day after our wedding (we had a day in-between) because in all the wedding planning fuss, I literally forgot we were going on vacation. My mind couldn’t process anything past that day. In the rush of honeymoon packing, I forgot my sunglasses (which are prescription, so I couldn’t just buy any old pair). I had to call my mom who had to go to our house, and I had to walk her to them over the phone. She then had to overnight them to me at the hotel because we were only at the hotel a few days before embarking on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. What chaos!


So, take my advice: Plan ahead and pack early. To make your life a little easier, I’ve created a handy-dandy checklist for you to keep on you to make sure that you have everything you need.



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