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Featured Engagement: Gabby & Mike

Their Love Story…


Hudson Valley Engagement

Photo Credit: Sweet Alice Photography

Gabby: “We met at Hollow Brook Golf Club, where both of us worked. Mike is the assistant golf pro, and I am the Food and Beverage Manager. Our love story started off as co-workers that grew into friends and then into a relationship. We were friends for 5 years before the time became right for us to turn our friendship into a relationship. Mike was always a person that in my eyes had the gift to light up a room full of people with his humor. He was the friend that started off by just making me smile and slowly turn into the person I wanted to share everything with. After, a long work week we would have pizza on Sundays together. These pizza meals together became the best part of my week”


Mike: “My love story with Gabby starts with coffee. Might sound weird until I explain. I never drank coffee, like ever. But at the place we work, she is often found in an area where the coffee is. So naturally I started drinking coffee. But since I didn’t like coffee it was more like 3/4 milk and 1/4 coffee. But it was the only way for me to keep seeing her without seeming too eager to spend time together. So I now am an avid coffee drinker. With less milk and more coffee…and still a lot of Gabby.”


The Proposal…

Photo Credit: Gabby and Mike


Gabby: “It was on July 17, 2016, on my birthday. I was running a wedding at work, and Mike was helping me out by bartending for the event. As the wedding was about to finish, Mike came up to me and said he was going to leave early because his knee was bothering him. I thought nothing of it and said, ‘OK, see you at home.’ Well, when I got home I open our apartment door to orange rose petals and candles leading to him where he was on one knee and popped the question. For me the whole thing is a little of a blur…..I was so excited and surprised I started to cry.”


Mike: “From the moment I got the ring I knew exactly when it was that I was going to propose. What better day than the date of our 1-year anniversary and her birthday? Since I had recent issues with my knee, I absolutely knew I could use that to send her thoughts into another direction. So my plan was solid. I told only the closest friends at work my plan so they could keep her distracted and on track. Gabby asked me to help her out and cover someone for bartending at a wedding she was running. Toward the end of the wedding, I told her my knee was acting up and wanted to get home and ice it.


“I raced home and set up my GoPro, put down some rose petals and lit some small candles leading a trail for her to find me in the living room. I played our favorite song when she walked in. I was so nervous I almost couldn’t get the words out. But I knew that this was going to be the most special day of my life, so I reached into my heart and asked the woman of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me.”


What They Are Most Excited About…


Hudson Valley Engagement

Photo Credit: Sweet Alice Photography

Gabby: “I am excited to spend our forever together. For me, getting married is our beginning. I can’t wait to plan all the adventures our future as for us.”


Mike: ” I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is everything. When you finally meet the person who makes you smile when you’re sad, the person who picks you up when you fall, when you find that one person who makes you feel complete, you get excited about everything. Nobody knows what the future holds, and that’s a good thing. But having a person like Gabby by my side, nothing can ever be that heavy.”


Advice For Engaged Couples…


Gabby: “The process can get stressful with all the details and family and friends’ opinions. But remember the big picture is the two of you celebrating your love.”


Mike: “The months, weeks, days leading up to your wedding can be some of the most stressful times a couple is going to go through. It seems like everyone comes out of the woods with an opinion. While all these opinions come from a good place with the heart in mind. You must remember to do what makes both of you happy. This is your day. Do everything the way you want to do it. They are not getting married— YOU ARE! Enjoy the process and smile the entire time. Come the morning of your wedding day, leave nothing behind and keep an eye on your future.”


Check back later in the year when we circle back with Gabby and Mike on their wedding day


Photo credit to all: Sweet Alice Photography

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