Expert Ideas For Creative And Unique Wedding Photos

Today’s author is Kathryn Cooper of Kathryn Cooper Weddings


Whether you’ve paged through wedding magazines or avoided wedding photography research until this very moment, you’ve probably seen hundreds of wedding photos throughout your lifetime.


When planning your wedding or just scrolling around on Facebook, it’s impossible to avoid seeing your friends’ celebratory photos nearly every weekend. Have you noticed anything in common? Oh, they’re all pretty much the same? I hear you.


As a creative photojournalist, one characteristic of my photography is that I always try to do something creative, unique, or fun to make sure your photos don’t look like the cookie-cutter images swimming around online. So if you’re looking for a way to get extra-memorable images (or video!) that stand out from the rest, I have quite a few ideas up my sleeve!



First, you don’t have to know what you want, but you have make sure your photographer/videographer is the kind of person who has creative experience and wants to do such a thing! If the person has a ho-hum portfolio, chances are that person won’t have spectacularly creative ideas. I make sure the first few images my clients see when visiting my site demonstrate my adventuresome and creative style, so I have a duo emerging from their helicopter ride, a bride and groom upside-down in a room (well…you’ll just have to see it to understand it!), brides from other countries, and couples underwater. People understand that I’m not average right away!


Second, you need to have a bit of time in your schedule for a creative photo or video shoot. Now, if you want something creative but don’t have the time or budget for such a thing, a truly creative photographer or videographer can still do a lot with a little.


Again, looking carefully at their portfolios will reveal a lot. There are always unique perspectives, themes, and distinct personalities that the best of the best can show—while still focusing on you, of course! But…if you have time, consider putting aside several hours or even part of a day to go do a pre- or post-wedding shoot.




Creative engagement shoots and elopements are awesome as well! I absolutely love when I have a separate session with my clients, because I can take them to amazing places for amazing shots. I love when couples are adventuresome and just trust me to do a fun experiment or take them somewhere amazing! I’ve taken couples to other countries, gone on ski lifts with clients, and hung out on boats while groomsmen waterskied. Seriously!


Third, here are a bunch of ideas (finally, I know!) I’ve done or want to do—and I have plenty more ideas up my sleeve. Creative ideas for wedding photography and videography include:


· Completing a high ropes course, going zip lining, or doing a trapeze workshop: How awesome would it be to have wedding photos of you two flying through the air?


· Paint splatters: This is a great one if you have kids, would like to involve your family, or just want to have fun making a mess. You can use regular paint, paint-filled balloons, or even Holi powder to throw color on each other. The action shots alone are so much fun, and the final result is a mess of color that’s hard to forget.


· On or near a mountain: Amazing backdrops in the morning or evening make for beautiful images, and can be done almost anywhere in the world. Well…maybe not in Nebraska.


· With glow sticks or flashlights at night: Photographers can do fun long exposures that allow you to “write” in the sky or make cool, one-of-a-kind patterns swirling around you.


· In a helicopter or on a small plane: You don’t have to go skydiving, but if you do, could you take me with you? But really, going on a private helicopter ride, getting video and photos from a small plane, or flying to a secluded island is as awesome as it sounds.


· At a carnival: Why not have a shoot at a local fair or amusement park? You can get GoPro footage on a roller coaster, have a unique ceremony on a Ferris wheel (imagine the views!), or do a super fun shoot on bumper cars while enjoying fried dough and more.


· In a bubble: I’ve photographed couples behind, in front of, and nearly in giant bubbles, and it can be quite romantic and easy. This is a great idea if you only have 5 minutes for something creative.


· At a pet shelter. For animal lovers, it’s hard to beat time in a puppy playroom. You won’t have fake smiles with all those little guys begging for affection! Plus, there will be a lot of oohing and ahhing over your photos, and you’ll probably end up with a new fur family member.


· Nighttime in the desert: Even if you don’t have a desert nearby, you can still find a clear night to do some amazing silhouette or flash shots with stars in the background. With neat desert tree shapes like those found in Joshua Tree National Park, you can get incredible shapes and unique images while exploring a beautiful place.




As you can see, the opportunities for making exceptionally creative photos are nearly limitless. The truth is, even with very little time, a great photographer or videographer can make something amazing out of little—as long as you give that person the creative freedom with which to do so. A gust of wind in a veil can make for a beautiful image, and a couple jumping into the ocean or kissing underwater makes for super fun, creative photos.


Everyone out there has seen enough regular kisses and snuggles on a bench, so when you’re looking to do something different, brainstorm with a great photographer or videographer to make it happen! I can pretty much guarantee you one thing: You won’t be disappointed.


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