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Featured Engagement: Kaila & Jeff

Their love story…


Photo Credit: Jeremiah Shaffer

Kaila and Jeff met on a dating website. Kaila says, “I guess those algorithms really work!” But, you can say it was their favorite number, 28, that really started the ball rolling.

“We spent a few days messaging back and forth on the site prior to him asking for my number,” says Kaila.  “After that, we texted for a few more days. About two weeks after, I called Jeff one Saturday morning with all intentions of seeing if he wanted to hang out since we were getting along pretty well via texting. I spent the next two hours trying to convince Jeff that we’d probably have a really good time if we just spent the afternoon together. He was super hesitant; he was so terrified of dating it was almost comical. Finally, he goes ‘alright, what’s your favorite number?’ I, without hesitation, said 28. It’s always been a very significant number in my life and most of my major life events happen to incorporate the number 28.  Little did I know, the same was true for Jeff and that’s how I got him to agree to hang out with me that day. I guess, as they say, the rest is history.”


The proposal…


Photo Credit: Jeremiah Shaffer

Christmas Eve is always a magical time and it was super magical for Kaila, as she had no idea Jeff was about to propose! She describes how the whole proposal went down after everyone opened presents. “My whole family was down at my sisters’ lake house on Sleepy Hollow Lake,” she says. “We were all gathered around the tree and, in true Kaila fashion, I was the one orchestrating the gift exchange, so I was standing up and handing out gifts.”

She had just finished handing out the last gift to her mom, which were framed photos of her and her siblings. “I was so engrossed in giving her these gifts,” she says, “That I didn’t really realize what was happening around me. I gathered up the last of the gift wrap that was on the floor and I said ‘ok, that’s it!’ Then I see Jeff come around the side of the tree. Again, was still completely oblivious to what was going on. He cutely says ‘There’s one more gift..’ and he pretends to reach under the tree and then gets down on one knee and opens the ring box.”

After that, Kaila suffered from what I affectionately call ‘Proposal Amnesia’. Something that I think almost every woman goes through, including yours truly. She says “Honestly, after that, it was kind of a blur. My hands went up to my eyes and I started crying. I’m sure he said some really sweet stuff, and thankfully my cousin got the last half of it on video, but I mostly remember him saying that I make him the happiest he’s ever been, and thankfully I did comprehend the ‘Will you marry me?’ part, and ecstatically agreed.”

What are they most excited about…?


With their wedding a week from tomorrow, Kaila says “I’m looking forward to our first look. I can’t wait for that intimate moment where we see each other for the first time. I think it’s so sweet – to be away from the crowd, just the two of us.”

Advice for engaged couples?


Photo Credit: Jeremiah Shaffer

Kaila has some of the best advice. She says, “Never doubt yourself.” How perfect! Here’s why she says that. “We’re having a superhero themed wedding. It’s quirky – some would say down right bizarre – but it’s what we want and it’s what we’re big, geeky fans of,” she says. Did she have doubts about her theme? Sure! “I’ve definitely had the thought in the back of my head during this whole planning process of ‘Will people think this whole theme is pretty juvenile?’”, she says. “But you know what? So what if they do! We are downright obsessed with the whole thing. My best friend designed our comic-style wedding invites and I cannot tell you how many of our guests have said how unique and fun the invites were.” Kaila says “So, basically, just go with what YOU want and what’s going to be a real reflection of you and your fiancé. This is your day, after all.

Why are there only 28 photos in this post? (added question because this is so cool)

As you know, 28 is both Kaila and Jeff’s favorite number, and the fact that there are 28 photos is a magical coincidence that they both love.

According to Jeremiah Shaffer, the photographer who took these amazing photos, the skies opened up right in the middle of their engagement session at the abandoned Catskill Game Farm. It was POURING rain and he, Kaila, and Jeff had to run for cover in an old concession stand for a good hour while the rain passed. While inside, Jeremiah continued to take photos. Once the rain let up, they continued to explore the grounds but because of the rain, they ran out of time to explore the grounds as fully as they had hoped.

Kaila says “Jeremiah texted me the day these engagement photos were ready stating that we got 28 awesome photos. It still freaks me out sometimes how often it comes up, but I also feel like it’s our little sign that everything is on the right track.”

Photo Credit to all: Jeremiah Shaffer

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